Wednesday, June 12, 2013

The Breathtaking Nature of Matka

Hello guys, today I would like to present you one of the most beautiful places around Skopje – Matka. The English translation to this name would be womb. It may sound funny, but once you get there and see the breathtaking nature around you, you will forget everything about it. :)
You can get to the canyon Matka with a car or by taking the bus that goes over there. Of course, you can also hire a van with a guide that will take you there and explain you everything about the place and organize your day as best as possible. However, Matka is around 17 kilometres away from Skopje, the capital city of Macedonia. It is situated southwest of the city. 

Regards From Belma

I can say that I've been blessed with the opportunities to travel around the world and to see many beautiful cities and meet amazing and interesting people.

Before my trip to Skopje, I didn't really do my „tourist homework“ and had absolutely no idea what to expect, or even how the city looked like. I just knew it was the capital of Macedonia and I figured – why not go there blind-folded and wait to see the surprises that the capital had to offer and, MAN, it sure had a lot of surprises !

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

The Beautiful Skopje Fortress

Well, I already said that I come from the capital city called Skopje. That is exactly why I am writing my first post connected to this beautiful city of mine.

I consider it to be the heart of Macedonia and in this very first post I would introduce you to the magnificent Skopje Fortress, which here we call it Skopsko Kale or just Kale. As I have heard, “kale” mean fortress in Turkish language.

For me the sight of Kale is really a special one. You cannot feel bored in Skopje, because at night you can sit on the benches on the banks of the river Vardar and enjoy the sight of this beautiful fortress in front of you.